Comedy Drinks

Saturday night saw me out with the High Wycombe crowd in order to celebrate Helen's 40th Birthday.

I skipped the meal due to money saving and still feeling the effects of the drink from the night before but met with everyone (and my god there were a lot of them - it was a High Wycombe invasion in London that night) in The Comedy on Oxeden Street for the Soho Comedy Club's comedy night.

We were treated to 7 acts in total. Three stood out for me - Toby French who reminded me a hell of a lot of a guy I work with. He certainly made me laugh and got the biggest groan of the night for his sex in a cemetery joke.

David Mulholland was also brilliant. An American from the south who had no qualms with explaining to us Brits what red necks really are like, especially if they were to put speed cameras in Alabama.

Robert White
is described as the only
asperger (socially autistic), dyslexic, cross lateral, gay, quarter-welsh, ex-con, webbed toed comedian by the Guardian. For me he looked like Tin Tin and when he arrived on stage I was actually scared as he seemed to shout a lot and not make much sense but he quickly settled into his set and the quick wittiness of his jokes had me near tears as I laughed so much. Once the keyboard came into play the laugh were non-stop. Style wise he reminded me a lot of Lee Evans but I would say he was better (sorry Claire).

I highly recommend checking out the nights the Soho Comedy Club put on. It cost me £5 and was well worth the entrance fee. I can't wait to go again.

Sadly I didn't get to stay for much longer after the last act (why are last trains so bloody early in London?!) so I have no photos of the carnage that ensued after. But I understand that everyone had a wicked time!

Happy Birthday Helen!


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