Birmingham Rocks!

Hi everyone.

Busy day yesterday - I realised how much power I wield in my job and spent all of yesterday trying to deal with a rather large problem, hence why I am only getting round to writing about the weekend today.

This weekend we travelled to Brownhills near Walsall to visit PM's mum. It was the first time I had met her so I was slightly nervous. We arrived just after 10pm following a rather straight forward journey up through Fulham, down the A4, M4, M25, M40, M42 and M6 Toll. I would like to say at this point that the M6 Toll rocks! Straight forward, hardly any other cars on the road all for £2.50 which we probably saved in petrol rather than going up the normal M6 and cutting through the local roads.

We spent the night chatting in general and drinking. Sam (Carol's husband to be) put Muse's latest album on which will always score highly with me! We didn't stay up too late as we had a busy day ahead of us the following day. Bacon sarnies for breakfast (thanks Carol) and a swift trip to Blake Street and we were on a train to Birmingham New Street. I love Birmingham City Centre. Apart from the fact it has 3 shopping centres and every shop I would ever want to shop in, it is all within walking distance.

I only managed to drag PM into a few shops before he started complaining so we set off for the pub to watch the Villa v Fulham match (as it was on Prem Plus this was our reason for not actually going to the ground when we were only ten minutes down the road from it! We saved a fair bit of cash too!).

We went to the Lord Clifden as PM knows the landlord and the guy behind the bar. It was quite relaxed in there even though there were a few Birmingham Fans. Villa only drew so PM was not in the best of moods after. At the end of the match I was joined very briefly by Sarah, Ellen and Chantel who I went to uni with who all live in Birmingham. It was nice to see them and catch up. Everyone certainly seems to be doing well for themselves! Hopefully though next time I see them it will be for a bit longer!!

We travelled back to Blake Street where Carol picked us up and took us to a local pub, name of which I cannot remember. We stayed for a few in that one and then moved on to the next pub, again name of which escapes me. I was feeling pretty tired at this point. We did meet some cool people over the night, most of who will be coming to Goa for Carol and Sam's wedding. Guys - if you are reading this I won't flake out on you so early in Goa!

We got back and pretty much went straight to bed. I had some anti-allergy tablets before I went to bed which helped me sleep (Carol and Sam have a cat called Shoei and as sweet as she was I'm still allergic to cats sadly!).

After a nice lie in, we got up, had a cup of tea, chatted about the cheap goods we can buy in Goa and Carol showed me the nice jewellery you can buy out there (hope you were taking notes PM). She also showed me the stack of spices they got out there last time. I have a feeling we will be making a lot of curries when we get back!

We left about two in the afternoon in order to get back home earlish and to pop in and say hi to PM's friends Neil and Carla. The drive back was a nightmare as it rained heavily the whole way. There are a few things I wish to get off my chest at this point:

1.Why do so many people drive in heavy rain without any lights on?
2. Why don't people believe in stopping distances especially when it is raining so hard you can hardly see the car in front of you?
3. Why do so many people drive in the middle lane of the motorway all of the time?

Rant over. We arrived at Neil and Carla's a little later than planned due to having to drive at an average of 50mph due to the weather. Carla was looking after her sister's cat (cue sneezing) who had recently been spayed and as a result was wearing a pet cone thing. Now if no one has ever seen a cat wearing one of these it is incredibly amusing. The lack of being able to fit through small gaps and general amusement at watching a cat trying to scratch its ears and realising it can't is very funny. However the cat was incredibly cute. Just a shame I had the usual reactions within half an hour of being there.

Finally home around half 8 and at list point we chilled out in front of the TV watching Young Ones on DVD. Another action packed weekend.


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