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A booze free May

Back in May I decided to have a dry month. At the time my rationale was sound - I am not doing too much, April is hard as it is my birthday month and June is impossible with Download and a trip to Copenhagen scheduled therefore May was the perfect candidate.

I didn't really take into account the fact there are two bank holidays in May, but despite this I did manage a completely dry month.

As opposed to January which is the more traditional month for taking a month off the booze, when the nights are short, you have no objection to staying in after spending loads at Christmas and consuming you weight in Quality Street, alcohol and pigs in blankets, May is harder. This May the weather was actually kind and fairly warm which lead to a fair few nights sat in pub gardens rather than staring at the rain out of the window. Not ideal conditions for a booze free month!

But I did persevere. I'll admit though that I was helped somewhat by a nasty stomach virus which left me bed bound for …

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