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A hard decision - but the right one

You may remember that back in October 2016 I was absolutely ecstatic at finally getting a ballot place in the London Marathon. It has been a life long dream of mine to run it.

Two weeks before I was due to line up with 37,000 other runners I made the very hard decision to withdraw.

And I am really glad I did.

As weird as that might sound sometimes recognising that you are not ready for something is sometimes harder than pushing on regardless.

Training didn't get off to the start I was hoping. Unlike last year when I started training around November, with everything that happened with Dad I didn't actually start running properly until very late in January.

And unlike last year, with my company moving offices in July, I hadn't been cycling either and once we moved house too cycling was pretty much off the menu (for now at least).

As a result I know that I did too much too soon. I got back into Parkrun after finding our new local one. The one thing I didn't take into acco…

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