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"I can't believe you have spent £40 on a pair of flip flops!" - an ode to my favourite flip flops

"I can't believe you have spent £40 on a pair of flip flops!" This was what @mummylondonfox said to me moments after I had indeed spent £40 on a pair of flip flops.

In 2006 after years of buying lots of cheap flip flops I decided that I needed to make an investment and get a decent pair. At the time Birkenstocks were fairly new and a number of people were going crazy for them so I took the plunge and spent £40 (well £39.99) on a pair of brown Gizeh flip flops.

As per the statement from mum, she was less than impressed at what she thought was an insane amount to spend on a pair of flip flops. I can see why. In the past any pair of flip flops I have purchased have never lasted an entire summer so it makes sense she saw this as another frivolous purchase on my behalf.

But it is me that has had the last laugh. Sitting round the pool this year I decided to figure out where those flip flops and me have been:

2006 - France (Le Bernard and La Rochelle)
2006 - Goa
2007 - Spain (S…

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