Albums of the Year 2017 No.4: Royal Blood - How did we get so Dark

Royal Blood's second album just misses out on a top three finish. In any other year it could have finished higher.

With so much hype around their first album there is always the risk the second album just won't live up to expectations (remember the Darkness's second album after all the hype of the first?) but if anything I would almost go as far to say this is actually better than the first.

It starts strong and continues belting out strong tracks. This is definitely not a case of a few good tracks and lots of filler.

I also still find it hard that there is only two of them making so much noise. I finally got to see them live back in November - so, so loud! But I am a sucker for a good bass - just so great to hear one played like that.

My favourite track from the album - I Only Lie When I Love You


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