Albums of the Year 2017 No.2: Stone Sour - Hydrograd

"Hello you Bastards" - the opening line of this album on YSIF. Bit gimmicky? Perhaps. But it is the opening line to what I feel is Stone Sour's best album yet.

Stone Sour seem to go from strength to strength with each album release whereas Corey Taylor's other project, Slipknot, have failed in my eyes to really produce an album better than Vol.3: The Subliminal Verses.

It's one of those albums that doesn't have a real stand out anthem track, more just lots of very, very good tracks. When we saw them at Brighton in December all the new tracks sounded amazing with everyone easily being a show closer (or opener).

House of Gold and Bones 1 & 2 were amazing albums but this is even far superior and highly worth a listen!

I love Corey's vocals and in Stone Sour I feel is beautiful singing voice is showcased more than the growly vocals often on Slipknot's tracks.


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