The cost of eating healthy

Hi all

The smoothie breakfast routine is up and running and so far is going really well. PM is not too keen on them but I like them and that is all that matters.

Last night we went shopping. I actually felt quite proud at having some much fruit and veg in my trolley. We were also careful what meat we go so we didn't get anything that was too fatty. We have got a few luxuries for the weekend as we are cooking a roast. We made sure we got a free range chicken (corn fed as they are the best apparently), taste the difference carrots as I picked up a nice recipe for them which involves garlic, ginger and cardamom pods, potatoes and sausages to wrap bacon in! We also bought some rhubarb (can of) and crumble mix to make a crumble. Not the most healthy but I figure that once a week isn't going to kill me!

Fruit wise we got bananas, lemons, limes, frozen forrest berry mix, frozen raspberries and a pineapple.

We got to the check out and it came to £65!! SIXTY FIVE POUNDS!!! This is the cost of eating healthy and also that is only a weeks worth of food! We planned all of out meals so we knew what we were eating so as not to buy too much! Not impressed. I think we need to find a cheaper supermarket!

My dilemma today is that I am having a Slurp (bad service place) for lunch and tonight we are going on a pub crawl in Borough (near London Bridge) which will result in a curry at the end of the night! Hopefully by then I will remember to have either a Tikka or a Biriyani as they are the healthiest things on the menu! Chances are I might be too drunk to care which also posses me with a problem - we are going to loads of real ale pubs so do I go with halves all night or opt for Vodka and orange juice/lemonade and lime as a healthier alternative? Answers on a post card please!


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