Drinking on a School Night is not Clever!

Morning all!!

Monday mornings after a weekend at college are by far the worst. Having been robbed of a lie in this weekend getting into the swing of work is never an easy task.

This weekend at college was certainly eventful.

We started on Saturday with Property Law (nice and easy start) and then progressed to Interviewing and Advising (quite difficult).

In the evening, my friend Matt from my course came to Chez Carys et Pocket Monster. After a lovely pork and black bean dish served by the pocket monster we went on a mini pub crawl of Streatham.

First pub was The Railway. Its not a bad pub. It has a big screen that was showing football highlights so PM was happy! We didn't stay here long.

The Second pub was the Earl Ferrers. I really liked this pub. Very homely, not very busy though (although I have noticed that most pubs in Streatham are not busy on a weekend - not complaining though as it means I can get on a pool table and sit down!). Loved the music. They were playing a skate-punk band called Millencolin which allowed me to bounce around a bit. We played some pool here, in which I was overall champion. PM had a disastrous time missing simple shots bless. PM and Matt had a losers play off to find the ultimate loser and sadly it was PM. Bless.

The third pub The Manor Arms provided the entertainment for the night. We went along to this pub as Beer in the Evening mentioned that it had Flowers beer on for £1.45 a pint but we couldn't see any real ales when we went in. So a second pint of Strongbow was ordered. We sat at the bar watching the boxing match on TV when a drunk Irish bloke came and started talking (well mumbling) at us. He pushed his way in between Matt and Luke to stand at the bar and drink his drink. The boys kept their cool and the landlord swiftly came along and asked the guy to leave I got the impression he was already barred). But the guy didn't leave. He sat down with the lady whose husband had popped to the loo. Soon after the police turned up and escorted him from the pub and asked him nicely to go home. When we left to go to the last pub, the police were still trying to get him to go home of his own accord but the drunk guy was complaining that his wife wouldn't be too pleased if he went home in the state he was in. We didn't hang around to see the outcome. It was 10.40pm and the last pub beckoned.

Our fourth and final stop was The Samuel Johnson. Bit of a trendy pub and sadly it was closing at normal time (there are some pubs in Streatham that open late but sadly this information was not available to us when we were planning the mini-pub crawl!). So it was a very quick final pint of Strongbow in this one before walking home and carrying on the festivities there.

Half a bottle of wine, 4 pieces of chocolate cider cake and a cheese toastie later I collapsed into bed. When I woke up in the morning, I felt more than the worse for wear. I struggled to get ready and tried to go with the tactical chunder in order to feel more human but I couldn't even manage that. I still felt ill last night! Mind you my diet yesterday consisted of mcbacon roll, hash brown, packet of fruit tella, twiglets, half a tuna mayo sandwich, half a chicken mayo sandwich, kit kat, twiglets and wagamama's. I am starting a diet this week!!

Early night needed tonight for the big interview tomorrow. At least I don't feel hung over anymore. Although at some point during the weekend I burnt my mouth and it still hurts!


  1. Anonymous12:43 pm

    So that's why you didn't come to yoga on Monday! Probably couldn't do any of the forward bends after tucking into that lot! No sympathy - Just a bit jealous. Sounds like you had a good night.

  2. Anonymous4:39 am

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  3. It's not big and it's not clever, bit it's lots of fun!

    And I was unlucky at pool!


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