Its almost the weekend! But I have college!

Hi everyone

The weekend is almost upon us and I have to go to college rather than have the long deserved (and needed) lie in! But its not all bad I guess. I get to see everyone from college, catch up and all fret over how little preparation we have done!

I have been working hard this week but now I have college work to do, a presentation for my interview, a mini presentation/talk in a departmental meeting today, re-write the rule book for audit services consultants and work on a training presentation telling other people in the company what exactly it is I do all day and why my work is so important to the company overall!

And next month I start work on a project management course! I know I like to keep busy but five minutes to myself would be nice. Mind you, I shouldn't complain. I have brought most of the busyness on myself.

Its not been a terribly exciting week I'm afraid to report. No trips abroad, no amusing animal stories and no bad restaurant service (mainly due to the fact that I didn't get paid until today and therefore I haven't had any money until today).

Hopefully I will have some exciting (or at least relatively interesting) things to talk about after the weekend.


  1. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Oh shame we love those wild life stories..... ever had any trouble with pigeons?

  2. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Yeah!! Give the people what they want...........

    .......stories about Squirrels!

  3. Not pigeons but I did have a run in with some geese and swans at Reading. It involved feeding them as well!

  4. They cashed her down the street. Very amusing!!

  5. chased that is.

    They didn't try to cash her in, as I expect even Cash Converters wouldn't want her.


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