Makes a change!

I went to the hairdressers last night to get my hair done (finally).

I found a hairdressers next to work who had relatively competitive pricing and was open late during the week.

I went in and had a long consultation as to what colour I should dye it (I have decided to get rid of the black and red and go back to being a sensible brown colour with a hint of red). When my hairdresser came out with the colour I was expecting the normal conversations about the latest reality TV programme, celebrities and general gossip. Admittedly we did touch on these subjects (X-Factor, super skinny celebrities and catwalk models and the 'colourful' people who frequent Streatham i.e. the transvestites and the bench people) but we also talked about politics and current affairs. It turned out that Jodie liked watching documentaries so it was nice to chat about something different at the hairdressers. It certainly made a change.

I would like to thank Jodie for doing a fantastic job on my hair and allowing me to have interesting discussions while my hair was being done. Its a nice colour and it has been cut really nicely as well. Photos will appear soon!


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