Slowly but surely!

Morning all.

So, yoga last night and my time to get on the scales. Wasn't sure what to expect. I got on and 66.2! Ok so no dramatic weight loss but 0.4 of a kilogram can't be bad!

Mum brought my dress that I intend to fit into so it is hanging up in the bedroom as an incentive!

Before I left for yoga last night, PM inflated my blow up punch bag for me. Bless him. It took a lot of effort and the use of his electric football pump that only works when plugged into the cigarette lighter in the car so spent some of last night out in the street receiving some very amusing looks. We finally got it up and I left it in the front room while I went to yoga.

On returning last night I went into the front room and the thing had deflated. Last night we were having problems with keeping the values in and it would appear that they had popped out again. Not impressed. Sorry PM, I won't make you blow it up again!

So no kickboxing practice for me this week so I will have to go to the gym.


  1. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Don't know about you, but I really ached after yoga. My shoulders still hurt today! Sorry to hear about the blow up thingy - perhaps you should be a bit more circumspect about where you buy these things from - I don't think sex shops sell things that you want to punch the hell out of!

  2. My shoulders are killing! Luckily I have had an easy day with a trip to Islington for a meeting and not to taxing work this afternoon.

    At least I know now why the gadget shop were selling them off cheap! If I could get a proper one I would!

    In response to you though mum, i do wonder if the blow up man-doll Graeme got me for chirstmas last year may provide a great alternative to the punch bag!!

  3. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Just don't go using PM as a substitute punch bag daughter! Mind you I know you wouldn't dream of it!


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