Tikka rocks and I hate Housework

Friday night was good. I didn't manage to stick to halves all night (the vodka idea went out the window when I arrived at the first pub and realised that they had Adnams on tap). But i didn't drink that much.

On the journey up to Borough, a rather drunk man started talking to us on the bus. A nice drunk i must add. He was actually quite interesting and told me and PM some really interesting stories about pubs and other general knowledge. Random but interesting!

We started off at The Globe where we had a swift pint before wandering down to the river bank to The Old Thameside Inn. The good thing about this pub was the amazing view along the river. There is something really cool about London at night, especially the city. I had half a pint of Fruli here (lovely strawberry beer - if you haven't tried it yet, do! its lush!).

Half the party at this point left so the rest of us wandered down to The Royal Oak. Its simple. This pub rocks! i have been here before and they do the best sunday roast i've seen. Its all home made. They also have a brillliant selection of ales so I had a pint in this pub. PM and a few others in our party's jaws hit the floor when they saw the food! It is that good. We were certainly be popping back there at some point!!

We then wandered to PM mate Kris' local pub to him at work, The Kings Arms. I liked this pub. Really friendly irish lass behind the bar. I opted for half in this pub but then Kris decided it was time to play a drinking game which involved naming capitals. It was easy at first but once you have exhausted the obvious ones you end up trying to name African capitals which is bloody difficult!

After this we went to the City Tandorri curry house. We went here on the last Borough night out and have to say it is one of the best indians i have ever been to. Me and PM shared a veggie samosa for starter and i stuck to it and had chicken tikka for my main. Glad i did actually. It was lovely. The chicken just melted in my mouth!

We didn't get home too late. Crashed and woke up yesterday morning to the house work! Not so fun. PM was meeting Kris at 2pm so we tried to get as muchh done before he went but failed. So i spent most of yesterday washing clothes (3 runs and a 4th is still sitting in the washing machine as we have guest today and i do not want loads of clothes hanging up everywhere). I also tidied the front room, cleaned the bathroom and finished the kitchen (most of which PM did before he left thankfully).

Today, i need to start cooking at about 12pm as the chicken isn't going to take as long as i thought (the recipe says 45 minutes for every 1kg plus 20 minutes and the chicken is only 1.5kgs). Hopefully it won't be a disaster. I'll let you know tomorrow.


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