Weekend in Norwich

Hi everyone.

This weekend me and PM went to visit my friends Paul and Clair in Norwich.

After some shopping in the City Centre (I have discovered Next clothing recently and it rules! And they had a sale on this weekend so I got some summer clothing bargains for Goa and some new clothes for PM), we traveled to Paul and Clair's house which is in the middle of nowhere.

Those of you that know PM well will know that he was in his element being back out in the country. I quite enjoyed being away from the smog of London for the weekend.

It was dark when we arrived back at theirs so we couldn't see much. It was quite surprising in the morning, waking up in the morning looking out onto their big garden and the surrounding fields.

Me and PM got to play on Clair's trampoline (photos and link to the video will follow) and then we had to travel back as it takes ages to drive as we found out. We did see a little deer on the way home and had to keep avoiding pheasants that kept running out into the road.

So, thank you very much to Paul and Clair for their hospitality this weekend and for donating a blender to us! We can now enjoy soups and smoothies! I might have to find a Tescos so I can make the lush smoothies Clair did for us this weekend.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend. I'm off to Amsterdam tomorrow for a work meeting (how cool is my job!). I am going to the Jolly Hotel. Sounds interesting. I'm sure I will have some tales on my return.


  1. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Oh dear - behave in Amsterdam daughter dearest - remember I've been there and seen what goes on!


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