Yay me!!

Results day today for both my Business Law and Practice re-sit and my Practical Legal Research project 2 (which included legal writing as well as research).

Slightly nervous as I thought the re-sit didn't go too well. The research project is always one of those it has either gone brilliantly or its gone disastrously wrong depending on whether or not you have found the right piece of research in the library. I guess it is kind of like a treasure hunt and you will only find the gold if you follow all the clues correctly.

I have been refreshing the page since 9am this morning. The results finally appeared at 10.30am. I checked my PLR first - I had passed both elements. And then the dreaded one! I clicked on the link and scrolled down to my student number and YES I had passed. It is such a relief! No more reading about substantial property transactions and financial assistance!

So all I have to do now is revise for Property law, Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Interviewing and Advising, Advocacy, Media and Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property, Professional Conduct and Solicitors Accounts before the end of the course.

Remind me, why am I celebrating again!


  1. Anonymous11:30 am

    Congratulations daughter - well done indeed! Don't get TOO drunk tonight - er, second thoughts, why not! Well done again.


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