Drinking, shopping, moshing, microwaves and a cracked blender. A lot happens in a week!!

Sorry it’s been a while since I updated the site. Thought I would start off by telling you about last weekend.

PM had his first gig with his new band Thursday’s Magic on the Friday (17th). They were third on and where amazing. I’m not just saying that because I’m his girlfriend. Check out his myspace page to see what they sound like and make your own mind up.

PM’s friends Tash, Carla and Al had all come to watch him perform and were coming to stay with us for the weekend. We left not long after PM had finished and walked to Oxford Circus to get the tube back to Brixton. When we got on the tube, PM cracked open the bottle of red wine we had got from the venue and Tash pulled out some cups (very well prepared). We got chatting to a lad from Grimsby and gave him some wine. He was getting off at Pimlico but we had a laugh with him until then.

When we got home Tash passed out on the floor and not long after Al also passed out. Me, Carla and PM tucked into some home made potato wedges and a home made pizza (well sort of home made – we bought the cheese and tomato base and put our own veggies on it).

After a while we noticed that Al was heaving in his sleep. PM rushed to the kitchen and grabbed the washing up bowl. When he got back I held it under his chin while we all tried to get him to the bathroom. We got him there and propped him up against the sink with the bowl. When we got back Tash had woken and wasn’t feeling good either. We got him to the bathroom and he threw up into the toilet. Whilst he was being sick, Al was laughing at him until we pointed out that he had just thrown up too (he was too drunk to realise).

We finally got the sick boys to bed and retired ourselves as we each had a packed day ahead of us. For me it was shopping and for PM it was football and beer.

On Saturday me and Carla hit the shops at Bluewater. Carla got a pair of Heelies. I had to get some for a friend at work for her ten year old. After we finished at Bluewater we hot footed it over to Bromley to visit the huge primark. We only had an hour so therefore it was a bit of a smash and grab. Still, I got some really nice stuff. I love cheap shopping as I get loads for my money.

We returned home and the boys had been busy cooking us a curry. Hammy another of PM’s friends joined us and we ate before hitting the pub. We decided to head to the Earl Ferrers again (its becoming our favourite pub). We played a lot of pool (me and Hammy were unbeaten having thrashed both PM and Carla and Tash and Al) and some Jenga. Tash and PM left early to watch match of the day while me and Hammy took up the challenge of a game of pool with the sub editor of the Sun newspaper who lives down the road and his friend. We lost (not a happy bunny). Hammy opted for jenga at this point while me and Al opted for a re-match which we duly won!

We headed back at closing time to find PM and Tash playing scrabble (it was very serious as the scrabble dictionary was out!). We ended up staying up to 4am drinking and watching Family Guy. Hammy had never seen it before and it was far more amusing watching his reaction than watching the programme.

So after finding floor space for everyone, we hit the sack. On Sunday morning I went to the loo and realised someone had been sick overnight. I thought at first it was Tash or Al again but it turned out it was PM. It’s the first time in the whole time we have been together I have known him to be sick. He has been receiving a lot of stick since as I didn’t throw up at all!!

We descended on the Railway for Sunday lunch which was lush and saw off everyone before wandering up to the common for a walk for a to walk off dinner. It is really nice up there. There is a place called the Rookery which had a rock garden very similar to the one in Danson Park. When people come and visit me next I suggest a trip up there!!

We got home and decided to play chess. I’m not that great at chess but managed to force PM into a stale mate (at least that way I don’t lose!).

So a pretty eventful weekend! I’m sure I have missed some bits but hey. It was a week ago now and a lot has happened since then.

I am skipping telling you lot about the gym on Monday and the weigh in as I am fed up by it. All I am saying is 67.9!

Tuesday I had tickets to see Muse at Wembley arena and it was my mum’s birthday (don’t worry mum – I won’t tell them how old you are!). We all met up in the sports bar nearby and headed down around 8. We missed the support although reviews have not been that great! The gig was amazing!! Muse are still by far my favourite live band!! And I would say that was possibly one of the best gigs of theirs I have seen (and that is the 7th time I have seen them now!). Mum had a brilliant time. We made sure everyone knew it was her birthday (balloons and banners and a badge she refused to wear as it stated her age) and she got chatted up as we walked in and she was jumping around the Knight of Cydonia which was the last song of the night. A good time was had by all!!

And now on to my last point – fighting for the right for a microwave. At work they have decided that they are going to install a café but they are taking away the microwaves and toasters as a result. I’m not happy as the café is not going to provide anything that we can’t already buy on the high road. So I have written to one of the directors in order to at least be able to get both. I’ll keep you up to date on what happens.

An apology now. Sorry Paul and Claire. I broke the blender. I kinda forgot about the rule of putting hot water onto something cold and as a result the jug cracked and can no longer be used. We managed to get another one in the week but haven’t used it yet.

I have a fifties party on Monday to attend, when I weighed myself at the gym on Saturday I weighed 65.7kgs (I have been eating mostly salads this week), I had college this weekend and an exam on Saturday. I think it went well. I don’t get my results until March so will let you know then if I actually did do ok.

Steve – just for you, blame Kyla for Luke being referred to as Pocket Monster and the dress I am trying to fit into is the dress I will be wearing for Luke’s mum’s wedding.

Oh, and just so you all know I am still waiting to hear in regards to the job I went for. Hopefully I will be able to keep on top of the blogs this week!!!


  1. It wasn't sick, it was the a small amount of the top of the contents of my stomach- the Mars bar I ate before bed.

    It was hardly worthy of being called sick. That wouldn't be fair on Al or Tash either!

  2. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Don't worry PM - I think there must be a bug going around. I too was sick on Thursday after only a couple of glasses of wine, and I am NEVER sick. Mind you the rotten cold that appeared over the weekend, may have had something to do with it! However, if you are staying at mine this weekend coming, try not to be sick.


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