Muscle weighs more than fat - right?!

Last night was yoga night and the weigh in.

PM decided to join me at yoga last night. It was a nightmare getting there as they have made a small hole in Penge high street which means that they have to block most of the road and put in bad traffic lights.

So we were a little bit late last night. I went straight into yoga and decided to leave the weighing until after.

I'm certainly getting more flexible as I can now do some bends that I couldn't do when I started yoga earlier in the year.

So afterwards I proceeded to the scales and jumped on only to be disappointed that they were wavering between 66.6 and 66.8kgs. And I've been good this week (well apart from the 4 pints of cider on Wednesday and the bottle of wine on Saturday - actually I am starting to see where my downfall might have been this week!).

But my stomach is definitely flatter and I am using a smaller belt setting. So I think I am losing inches just not weight!

I still have 5 weeks and 4 days to fit into the dress. All is not lost yet!


  1. You'll fit into it, even if the scales keep lying to you!

  2. Anonymous12:31 am

    All this talk of Yoga, exercise etc is making me feel thirsty as I sit here in the Aussie sun just outside Brisbane so I think I better pour myself another Bundy & coke in a minute! Got a seven hour drive to a place called Tamworth in New South Wales for a speedway meeting on Saturday - just down the road isn't it? LOL

    Next Tuesday I fly up to Townsville for a week before going down to Melbourne.

    Hope you and PM are not getting too cold back there in Blighty - and keep the diet going!


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