Not a happy bunny!

Went to the gym last night for yoga. I was looking forward to getting on the scales as I have been eating really healthily in the last week. Admittedly I drove to work all of last week rather than walk as PM was off and I didn't want to walk home in the dark on my own.

So I approached the scales and jumped on and..... 66.8kgs!!!!! So I have gained 0.2kgs since I started and 0.6kgs since the week before.

Not a happy bunny. I am hoping that this is a fluke due to the fact that its time of the month but I cannot see how I have gained weight!!!

In case this is a true representation, the healthy eating continues and I have resumed walking to work (except we drove in today as probably will tomorrow as well as tonight we went to the gym but I was out at meetings all days so needed somewhere to keep my bag and we wanted to get home quickly once we finished and tomorrow we are off to Stamford Bridge to see Chelsea v Aston Villa and I want to get changed before we go as I have a presentation to do tomorrow so will not be wearing football attire to work!), and as mentioned, we went to the gym tonight and I feel better after that. I will also be going on Saturday and again a few times next week.

If anyone has any tips as to what I can do, let me know. I’m running out of ideas. I am not keen on staving myself nor am I looking to go on some sort of drastic diet.


  1. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Maybe it's all the mini scotch eggs and party rings from Saturday night? :oD

  2. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Drink plenty of water - at least 2 litres a day. Not only will it flush out your system it will also make you feel full up and not hungry! Hunger is a sign of dehydration believe it or not. Try not to eat carbs after 6 o'clock. The healthy eating plan from the gym says 4-6 portions of carbs a day, minium of 5 portions of fruit and veg, 1-2 portions of sugar/fat, 2 portions of meat/fish and 2 portions of dairy. That is a healthy balanced diet apparently!

  3. Anonymous2:40 pm

    Wot no chips? You have my sympathy daughter dear especially as I'm sitting here in Wynnum, near Brisbane having enjoyed a big roast dinner at the Yacht Club overlooking the seas earlier!


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