What a boring week! At least the weekend wasn't!

Hi all

Thought I would update as I was a bit too busy to do so last week.

Wednesday - I had to give a presentation about what I do at work to people from other departments from all over work. Seemed easy when my boss asked me to do it. However trying to convince people my job is interesting when they have only come along for a day off work rather than an education look at what all the departments within our organisation do, is bloody difficult!

Feeling a little deflated, I headed back to my office. Me and the Pocket Monster went home and then travelled up to Fulham for the Aston Villa match at Chelski. We met in a pub called The Mitre which reminded me of a skiing log cabin. Very nice! Shame all the real ale was off. At about 7.30, Me, PM and Kris headed to the ground. We were sat right behind the goal, one row from the front. Not the best seats in the house as most of the action for the whole night was at the other end of the pitch so we didn't see much. Well except Chelski's first goal. At 3-0 we left and PM has now banned me from coming to any more Villa matches. So far I have been to 2. The first against Arsenal they lost 5-0 (difficult for me as I was in the Villa end and had to bite my tongue every time we scored) and the Chelski match which they eventually lost 4-0 (there was another goal in the last ten minutes after we left).

Thursday - Bit of a non-eventful day. I was tired from the night before as we didn't get back until late (the trains from West Brompton to Clapham Junction only run ever hour so we went on a walk to find a bus to take us to Clapham Junction). I had to pop to college in the evening for a brief talk for a scheme to help people who do not work in the legal profession to get advice and help in making applications for training contracts. Hopefully I will get on it and get a training contract out of it! Fingers crossed.

Friday - another boring day. I stayed in whilst PM went to Brixton to see We Are Scientists. Not a happy bunny as I really like them but I only had a fiver in my wallet and no money in the bank. In all fairness to PM, he did get his ticket signed by the band so I am not so fussed now that I didn't get to go!

Saturday - I sorted out all my CD's and me and PM went through and sorted out which CD's we had doubles of so we could sell some on eBay. We visited the local butchers at the end of the road and got some Chicken for Sunday (I love having a butchers so close to home!). In the afternoon we went to the gym and in the evening Nic, Dan, Kerry, Drew and Ben came round for drinks and nibbles. It was nice to see people as I have hardly seen people since the move (except all the girls last weekend for the Ann Summers party at Claire's).

We had a catch up and also through the course of the night found out that Dan, Nic and her parents are responsible for the comments on 'When Wildlife goes Bad'. So Hi Steve Hackenbush, Professor and Mildred!

Sunday - again a non-eventful day. Coursework, coursework and more coursework.

Tonight, its the weigh in. I am hoping that last week was a blip. Fingers crossed!


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