Hectic weekend - peaceful week - sort of!

Hi everyone

Friday night Pm and I met up with Kyla and Sean and Sean friend (name of which escapes me - sorry!!). We started the night at the Bell and Compass next to charring cross station and then went on to the Metro Bar to Diesel Sky who Sean knows. They are pretty cool. Check out their myspace site for more info!

After the gig we trundled back to ours and ordered pizza (diet went well out the window this weekend!). We played drinking scrabble (I'll get PM to explain the rules at some point as I didn't really get it!) but soon got bored and all went to bed around 2am (so hardcore).

In the morning it was a round of bacon sandwiches for all (and a nougat bar for me - time of the month! I need my sugar fix) and then a trip to Bromley. We needed to get a suit for PM as he has two interviews on Thursday (today) and it gave me an excuse to go to the big Primark there. We went for a pub lunch in The Partridge - a Fullers Pub which did amazing food! Definitely going back there at some point!

We parted company with Kyla, Sean and Sean's mate at this point whilst we headed to Next to go suit shopping. We found a nice suit and PM got measured so we could find a shirt for him. We got a nice cappuccino coloured one and a nice tie to match. He looked very smart bless him.

A whistle stop tour of the gym (30 minutes) and then it was back to my mum's for a family do. As I'm not going to be around on boxing day I wanted to see the family as I haven't seen most of them since last boxing day. And they all descended on my mum's. I am officially the runt in the family now as my 11 year old twin cousins are now taller than me. My cousin James has completely changed since going to university. I remember him when he was a little baby! He's so grown up now, and he talks which he never used to do!

Luke had 12 people to talk to who he had never spoken to before so he was kept busy for the night. I caught up on all the gossip and everyone left around 11pm allow PM and Andy (mum's partner) to watch the Ashes highlights before bed.

Sunday I got up and devoured what was left of the mini cheese quiches while PM had fried eggs on toast. I took PM to North Greenwich station to drop him off for football and I went home. I had a large task ahead of me - tidying up, doing the washing and trying to get some coursework done. I managed the first two (although the place is a state again but will explain why in a bit) and a little bit of the last. Once PM got back from football it was a relaxing evening finishing with Match of the Day and more Ashes highlights which I fell asleep through.

This week has been hectic for PM and not too bad for me. He has been preparing for his interviews which has been hard work for him and a lot of research while I have just been plugging away at my coursework. As a result neither of us has done much tidying this week so the place is a mess again but hopefully it won't take long at the weekend to tidy up.

Tonight I am off to the Portrait or the Hogs Head in Sidcup for Kyla's birthday so hopefully I will see all of you up there. Going to be an alcohol free night for me as I am driving but you know me. I'll still act like a lunatic even if I am sober. So hopefully I will see some of you out tonight.


  1. If you tidied up after yourself it wouldn't be a mess!

  2. Anonymous12:14 pm

    And you could have cleaned MY place on the way back home from your Mum's! Do remember I'm having to suffer all this hot weather and cold beer out here in Aussie!


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