Hi everyone!!

It my last day at work and the last day before Me, Pocket Monster and Adam (Pocket Monster's brother) tackle the fog at Gatwick and set off for Goa!

Just a quick update on the week. Wednesday morning I was up at half past five to pick Adam up from Heathrow. Wasn't a bad journey down but Adam's flight was delayed by almost an hour due to the fog. There isn't much to keep you occupied at Terminal 4 but there was a Starbucks so I headed there to get my favourite Gingerbread Latte, except they had run out! Not impressed so I opted for a vanilla latte instead. It was quite nice actually! There was no where to get food so I decided to stand at the barrier near the arrivals doors and watch other people meeting people while I waited. It was pretty heart warming watching people picking up relatives they hadn't seen for ages.

Eventually Adam come out and I hot footed it back to Streatham as I needed to get to work. I was only an hour late which wasn't too bad considering! I was only in work for two hours before I was heading back home to get changed and head to Ferrari's in Balham for the Department Christmas Meal/Party.

I was a little late as the train was late (I only had to go one stop but the train was 10 minutes late!). The meal wasn't as good as last year. The starter (Goats Cheese) was lush but the turkey main might as well have been a Bernard Matthews turkey roast thing. It was dry and tasteless and the veggies were not much to write home about. The dessert (panna cotta) was also lush. After the meal we went to Exhibit in Balham. I can't say too much as someone I work with might end up reading my blog but basically I'll be surprised if half the staff who were at this Christmas party will be at the one next year! Sinking ship springs to mind!

Me and PM left early (7.45pm) and headed home. We ended up getting pizza as we were hungry when we got home. The dinner wasn't very filling.

Yesterday. I spent all day at work playing games as I really couldn't be bothered to do anything. PM had rehearsal last night so I sorted out my college work to take on the plane with me (yes I will be doing work on the plane!) and didn't do much else. I watched some tv and kept telling Adam off for playing with the baubles on the tree!

Today is my last day at work until the 9th January (week in Goa, week off revising and doing college work, exam and then back to work!). Me and PM bought gingerbread decorating kits this morning so not much work has been done today either! I have got some end of year filing to do though so I guess I should get on!

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful new year!! And hopefully I will see you all very soon!!

Merry Christmas!! xx


  1. Anonymous11:22 am

    Never had Christmas dinner at Ferrari's - I always go for the sea bass it's great! Also best panna cota I've ever had!

  2. I'll never be having Christmas dinner at Ferrari's again so don't waste your time!

  3. Anonymous11:53 am

    Just got back to where I'm staying here at Noarlunga near Adelaide - been out for dinner and the garlic prawns and jasmine rice I had was superb - won't be kissing anyone tonight though methinks!

    I'm told we're booked into some fancy restaurant in the middle of Adelaide for Xmas dinner.

    You and PM have a great time in Goa - I'll raise a glass of Bundy as I say Merry Chrimbo to you both (had about six already!) and see you both when I get back to the UK


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