My new year plan already and an update on how I have been - plus the squirrels are at it again!

Hi all

long time no update I know but I have been a busy bunny recently with college, the gym and generally sorting the house out in time for pocket monster number two's arrival on Wednesday (that's Luke's brother before you start thinking I am pregnant!).

The New Year Plan

Following my car dying on me once I returned from Kyla's birthday drinks the other week, it got me thinking about how much I don't know about cars and how I cannot even do the simple things like changing the spark plugs, oil and filters - and also the fan belt which what had caused my car to die.

I am fed up with paying garages to do the simple things which I should be able to do myself so I have decided to enroll in a mechanics course in May/June on order to make sure I know what I am doing! PM is going to come with me as well as he also wants to know how to service a car.

However it got me thinking about the other things that I want to do but just haven't got round to. So in line with one of my favourite websites Before Thirty, I made a list of things that I want to do. I won't put the full list up until the new year but some of the things on it are a sewing course, learning French and Italian, going on safari and dance lessons of some kind, perhaps Salsa!

So expect to see a link to another blog in the new year with the list of things I aim to do and a description of why I want to do them. I will keep all updates on any progress on this blog though!

Also in the new year I will be attempting to do my month long detox again i.e. no alcohol for a month. I did it last year and I am determined to do it again this year. I will probably start it in the 2nd January next year, a day earlier than last year but there is one less bank holiday this year so one less day of drinking! PM is thinking of joining me but I doubt he will get past two weeks (come on you know you want to prove me wrong!).

In the new year I will be starting my job search in earnest and also starting my bid for a training contract and hoping that I manage to secure one! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

How have I been?

Now for the general update, I haven't been up to much really. Working hard getting college work done and sorted for the new year, getting all the last minute bits for Goa and sending off the occasional job application.

Jobs are very hard to come by at this time of year but there should be plenty in the new year once people make their new year resolutions! I am also expecting the gym to become rather busy for the first 6 weeks of the year like last year. Mum has prepared me by getting me a yoga mat so I can run in and get a space straight away instead of having to wait to get a mat and then there are people everywhere! She also got me a fit ball (swiss ball, pilates ball, whatever you want to call it) so I can always work out at home if the gym is a little busy!

Me and PM will also be starting work on our allotment in the new year (yes we have an allotment!!). Organic fruit and veg to go with out healthy lifestyle. Thanks to Andy for getting us gardening tools for Christmas! If we have any excess make sure you get your orders in to us ASAP!

The Squirrels are Mad I Tell Thee!!

For those of you who are regular readers you will know that I have had more than one run in with the squirrels round our way. Well Friday I was off sick from work (mainly due to the fact that I am exhausted). When I finally got up around midday I had to pop to the shops to get some milk so I could have a cup of tea. When I stepped out the front door I could hear this odd noise coming from the side of the house. I firstly thought it was a bird although it was not one I was familiar with. After locking the door I investigated and was surprised to see a squirrel clinging to the side of the house making all this noise. I have no idea why it was making noise but I decided it would be best to leave it and make for the shops as quickly as possible before it noticed me! There must be something in the Streatham marsh land where the houses we live were built for the squirrels to be acting like that! Weird little things!!

Anyway, I really should be getting on with some work or more to the point get ready to go to lunch! Hope you are all well and I will hopefully send a quick update before departing for Goa!


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