Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Hi everyone.

Just a quick update to let you know what I have been up to since my return from
Goa. I have been doing my usual sale shopping but with a twist this year. Clothes wise I have been practical and bought a suit and a smart skirt so not much cash spent. However to quench my bargain shopping thirst and ensuring I spent far too much money, I decided to venture into the world of technology bargain shopping.

First purchase - a flat screen TV £160. Me and PM decided that the TV in the front room was too small and investing in a TV that was flat and 4 inches bigger was a must! Have to admit that it is much better now for watching Family Guy and playing on the playstation!

Second purchase - a digital camera. This was all my money but I got a bargain. Reduced from £250 to £150. Its the same as PM's camera, just better (10 megapixels instead of 8.2) and cheaper which has annoyed him slightly! He did one better than me though by buying a bigger memory card (2 GB instead of 1 GB)!

Third purchase - a Dyson hoover. Now normally anything to do with domestic chores would not excite me in the slightest, but this hoover ROCKS! Knowing that I sound way too domesticated and girly, it makes housework so much easier and it was a bargain at £119 reduced from £249! Its one of the little ones and it has wheels on the suction bit so it glides over the carpet. I don't sound domesticated and girly actually, I just sound sad! But it has made the weekend easier for me housework wise and the carpets are now free from my forever moulting hair! Seriously, I am worse than a cat!

I think I was all technoed out from all that but PM went a step further and bought loads of computer bits and built a new one. It was cheaper than getting a new one from somewhere like Dell and at first it was great. But then he bought a wireless card and then it all went wrong. This card seems to be some form of artificial intelligence with a mind of its own. Every time PM turned the computer off it would restart. It confused him and me the first time as we both could have sworn we hit turn off rather than restart! Bit of a nightmare. PM has to switch it off at the wall now and I have heard a whole list of obscenities coming from the bed room this week!!

I spent the first week back in the UK off work to revise and catch up on some coursework (and housework in the end!). My solicitor’s accounts exam last Monday seemed to go better than I expected but I should be careful at saying things like that and wait for the results!

I've been going to the gym lots recently in a bid to keep the weight off that I lost over Christmas! That made me smile. I must be one of the few people that lost weight over Christmas! Smiley faces all round! Also in a bid to start the year off on a healthy note, me and PM are detoxing for the whole of January which is great as the 1st February is our 1 year anniversary! So we will be sober for a month and then wrecked on the 1st! At least we have a good excuse to celebrate and drink lots of alcohol! The healthy eating has continued and thanks to the little cards you can pick up in Sainsburys there are a lot of nice new recipes we will be trying in the next couple of weeks! One of the good things about January is healthy food is cheap as so many people make getting fit/healthy/thin* (delete as appropriate). So I am relishing the fact that a lot of veg and fruit is either BOGOF or reduced. The only downside to the New Years resolutions is that the gym is packed and the already tiny busy pool is even busier! At least I have a yoga mat now so I can get a decent space in the yoga studio (thanks Mum)!

This weekend we went out in Blackheath for our friend Jeff's birthday. A great time was had by all although PM and myself were struggling in the pub as they had real ale and proper cider, and they had my favourite, Fruli (strawberry beer for those that don't know). It was hard but we made it through on some still lemon drink and a glass of pineapple juice! Mind you I don't need to drink when I'm doing something that involves Jeff. I don't think I have ever been out anywhere or to a party that he has been at and had a bad time! Cheers Jeff! Oh and Happy Birthday!

And that is pretty much it. Much shorter than the last as promised! Hope you are all well. Nice to see some of you at the weekend and hopefully I will catch up with more of you soon! Oh and remember guys that this is an interactive site so please leave some comments as it will be great to hear from people!

Love and hugs! x


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