Right guys, I need some ideas!

Hi all.

Sorry there haven’t been any interesting updates for a while. I haven't been doing much due to the detox and the severe lack of funds.

Last night on the way home from yoga I was thinking about my detox and also how I am going to go about losing some weight this year (on the 24th February I am going to see Rocky Horror and I want to wear my basque - the one I wore for the Golden Lion Rocky Horror night for those of you that remember).

Anyway, it got me thinking. So far I have given up alcohol for a month, which in all honesty was quite easy. So I thought I would set myself a bigger challenge. So as of the 1st February I will go a month without cakes, sweets and chocolate. I will only allow myself chewing gum, dried fruit and health bars such as the frusli bars or nut bars but nothing that resembles a sweet snack. If I go out for a meal the only desert I am allowing myself is fresh fruit (no cream or ice cream) or sorbet if they have it. This I feel is more of a challenge than giving up alcohol.

So why do I need your ideas? Well, I though it would be interesting to give up something or have to do something every month for the rest of the year. Some ideas I have already are not to drive to work at all (I would give up the car completely but I have no alternative way of getting to Yoga on a Monday night - public transport is useless!) and doing some form of exercise class, going to the gym, or swimming once a day for a whole month (if I don't lose weight doing that I don't know how else I can).

But there are twelve months in the year so I need some more ideas. Please use the comments section at the bottom of this entry to let me know your ideas or email me! Be as creative as possible but make sure it is something that I can actually do! And keep it clean. That means you Pocket Monster! So get thinking and give me some ideas!


  1. 1) Give up being messy
    2) Give up nagging

  2. Anonymous12:54 pm

    3) Give up worrying about weight and such, and go on a drink/drugs/fried chicken binge every day for a whole month...?

  3. Some sensible suggestions please! And Pocket Monster - you've got a cheek! You should put both of those on your list.

  4. Anonymous8:54 pm

    ooh ooh ooh, Sponsored Silence!!!

  5. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Give up the internet for a month, I've had to do it for 6 so far and its the hardestthing I've had to do.


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