Sweet things detox, allotment and the anniversary

Hi all

I thought I would finally get round to adding a post with some pictures to keep you all entertained.

First off though I thought I would start off by updating you all on the monthly tasks. I am now two weeks into the sweet things detox. Getting through the weekend was incredibly hard. For some reason I like eating sweets and cakes most on the weekend. However I have made it through.

My desk at work is starting to fill up with sweets though. For some reason everyone at work keeps buying me sweets (creme eggs in particular). I have given some away to avoid temptation but the thought of having all those sweets to tuck into on the 1st March is helping me get through. I think I will also take a trip to Greggs too to get some cakes to eat. Hmmmm, Cake!!

The only thing that was worrying me was how I was going to get through pancake day however I have stumbled across a solution - honey (natural sugar), blueberries, bananas, and lemon juice. Not all together mind but different combinations will work. Just remembered coconut actually. I had coconut pancakes when I was in Goa. That's another variation to add to the mix.

Anyway, what you have all been waiting for - photos!!

I'll start off with our impression of the Good Life:

This is our allotment. It goes all the way back to the fence at the back of the photo. It was pretty overgrown when we started but both me and the Pocket Monster managed to clear a lot of the dead plants and grass that were on the plot.

We started work on it a few weeks ago and so far we have 5 leeks. Admittedly they were left by the previous owner and we just re-planted them but we will get to eat them!

Great aren't they!! At the moment we are preparing the soil so we can sow some seeds and grow a few more things. Before long we will have lots of organic fruit and veg - well hopefully!

My next set of photos come from our one year anniversary on the 1st February.

We started the night off in the Gypsy Moth pub in Greenwich. I highly recommend this place if you are in the area! Nice sofas to relax on and they serve Fruli!

Afterwards we headed to a nice bistro pub called SE10 for our anniversary meal. For some bizarre reason I opted for prawns and scallops for my main meal which I don't mind when they are hot but luke warm ones are not particularly nice.

Once we finished our meal we decided to pop to Canary Wharf for a walk. Here is a selection of the photos we took.

This is one of PM's.

And this is some strange Traffic Light sculpture in the middle of a roundabout. I was quite confused at first and wondered why there were so many sets of traffic lights at this junction (too much red wine and that many traffic lights makes it easy to confuse). Its certainly interesting. I hate to be a driver coming up to it though!

This is my favourite out of the ones I took. I may have it as my wallpaper on my computer. It looks like there are spot lights coming off the building with the green bit at the top but it was actually the reflection from the moon. I think it looks cool anyway.

I'm not sure that there is much else to add. Hope you like the photos.


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