An eventful few weeks!

Since my last post, a lot has gone on.

On the 10th March we went out for our friends' Claire and Sacha's Birthday do. We went to the Bell and Compass in Charring Cross for a comedy night and we were then supposed to head off to The Zoo bar where we had passes for the club.

The comedy show was great and a good time was had by all. There was a lot of wine and the usual banter.

We headed up to the Zoo bar, only when we got there we were told that we would have to pay £5 each in order to go in. Having already paid everyone was pretty miffed. Sacha and Louise battled hard with the bouncers and tried to speak to the manager but none of them would listen and would only say that they had no association with Cheeky Chappies (the comedy club) and (the people who sold us the tickets). We refused to pay and so were left on the street wondering where to go.

We wandered down to The Chandos on Trafalgar Square, but by the time we arrived, the bar was closed. I headed to the loos and at this point I noticed that a large part of my necklace was missing, including the large black claw like pendant. I was gutted as it was a present from my mum and I loved it to bits.

We headed back towards the Bell and Compass in order to get some more drinking in but I wanted to retrace my steps to see if I could find the missing part of my necklace. However as I went to get my phone out of my bag, I realised that had gone as well. This completely dampened my mood. PM rang the phone but it was switched off. We retraced our steps but to no avail. We spotted a police officer on the street who pointed us in the direction of Charring Cross Police Station and there I reported my phone and necklace missing.

Although I don't know for definite if either was stolen the fact that neither has turned up suggests that they have. I'm more annoyed at loosing my necklace rather that my phone, although loosing all my photos is really annoying, especially my 3 mobile Panda playing the guitar! I now have to find a new cool photo to have as my wallpaper!

So, if you haven't sent me your phone number yet, please do!

On a positive note, I have just got off the phone to the people who made my necklace and they made two of them so I have a replacement on its way to me! YAY!! I will have to make sure I take special care of this one. I'll be frightened to wear it out anywhere! In future I will wear my cheap beads out in town just in case!!

Anyway, back to the blog, I had to resort to a retro phone for a week whilst a replacement was sought (thank god for phone insurance!!). It was actually quite nice having a retro ring tone!

It was a shame to end a good night on a bad note. Having said that the day didn't exactly start well! In the morning post I received a penalty notice from Lambeth Council for apparently stopping in a box junction. £50!! I was not best pleased. Yesterday (26/03/2007) I went down to Brixton to view the video they had of me apparently stopping (they had only sent me a picture of the back end of my car - hardly strong evidence). In the video I did stop, half in the box and half out of it. I had left a gap between myself and the car in front as the junction is on a hill and too often people have not put their handbrakes on and rolled into my car on hills so I always leave a gap.

The guy showing me the video realised I was annoyed and stated that so far everyone caught at that junction had appealed as the traffic lights on the other side of the bridge are the reason the traffic ends up getting caught out. He also said if i had pulled a little further forward I probably wouldn't have got a ticket. So I am appealing!

So what else have I been up to? Well I have been cooking a lot. My birthday is on the horizon and as is tradition in our office, I am to buy cakes for everyone to eat. However, I am skint this month and lots of cakes from Sainsburys costs the earth! Therefore I have been experimenting and plan on baking my own cakes to bring in at a fraction of the price it would cost to buy!

So the Sunday before last I baked this little beauty. A lemon and poppy seed drizzle cake. It was delicious!! If anyone wants the recipe, let me know! The kitchen was a bit of a state after I finished making the cake but it was worth it. I even invested in an electric mixer/whisk as it is so much easier!

I am going to experiment with a few more before my birthday as it is good fun!!

I have been studying hardish recently with another teaching weekend looming. But I have also been trying to get the remaining items I have listed on eBay and tidying up the house in general. Well, all I can say on that is, I'm getting there!

On the 16th we went along to the basement of our head office for an open mic night. There were some very outstanding acts on, including a polka type band who certainly caught my ears! After we went to a pub to watch the New Zealand v England cricket match with our Kiwi friend Damian from work. His Kiwi flat mates also joined us and were very pleased when New Zealand won!

The 17th saw the rugby super Saturday with the last game of the day Wales v England. There was plenty of taunting between me and PM. I was starting to worry that Wales were going to get the wooden spoon this year but thankfully they came through on the day and beat the English! PM didn't speak to me much and Dad enjoyed making jibes when we popped round to see him at the weekend!

In the evening of the 17th I went to see Arcade Fire with my brother David and our friend Al. It has to be one of the most amazing gigs I have ever been too! Great songs, great sing-a-longs, mad xylophone playing and a nice acoustic version (seriously - no amps, just instruments shouting and a mega phone!) of Guns of Brixton at the end (trying to get the 5000 strong crowd at Brixton academy is a mean feat but they managed it and everyone sang along to the chorus).

On Friday (23/03), Me and PM went to London South Pacific in Kennington to see our friend Bleddyn (yes he is Welsh too) performing with his new band, The Gene Drayton Unit. They are a really cool funk band and I recommend checking them out! Its a pretty cool place too. Think we will pop back at some point.

This weekend me and PM went to our friend's Kerry and Drew's for dinner. It was the first time we had been round to their new house. Have to say I am pretty jealous and long for a house of my own now as does PM but finances mean we will have to wait a while yet! Drew cooked an amazing 3 course dinner and then we retired to the sitting room to watch a pre-recorded England match. The game was boring but watching a drunk PM play with Kerry's hamster in his ball kept everyone entertained. We eventually went to bed sometime around 3am after PM fell over the bed, in slow motion, trying to take his jeans off and kept me in stitches with his drunkeness (Dad, I think that bottle of Bundy at yours did it!).

Lastly, a quick update on this month's task. My gym has now received most of its new equipment so I went the Sunday before last to get a new programme together so I can seriously work on loosing some weight and getting rid of the annoying love handles I seem to have developed.

My instructor, Boris (nice bloke from the Czech Republic), went through a tough and gruelling programme with me and seemed to enjoy pushing me to my limits! I was aching for days after! But it does seem to be working. My stomach is slightly flatter and the love handles are not as big as they were.

In weight terms, I am hoovering between 66.0 and 66.2 kgs. I am so close to the target of 65.8kgs its annoying. With a week left I can see that this week will be a very healthy one! I will update you all on Monday with the final weigh in!

OOOh, I remember what I wanted to say to you all reading this blog. On the right hand side there is a links part. None of these are corporate. They are all my friends sites and my friend's bands myspace sites. Please check them out when you have a chance, especially the myspace sites. And, if you like them, feel free to tell your friends about them!! If you don't, be quiet and we won't tell anyone we ever spoke about it! Hope that is cool with you!! And I hope you enjoy some of the other sites. If anyone has a personal site they want me to link, let me know!!


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