Time Warp, Race for Life, End of the Sweetie detox, Allotment progress, 3 down one to go, Wasps sting Rovers, and a trip to the theatre.

Hi all

There has been loads going on since I last wrote to you. But there are lots of photos to go with it and for you to laugh at.

Let's do the Time Warp again..

Firstly, on the 24th February, me and the girls headed to the Churchill Theatre in Bromley to see the stage production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Feather boas, lots of men in underwear (some scary, some not), lots of PVC and leather and a fantastic atmosphere greeted us on arrival. I opted for a similar outfit to that I wore at the Golden Lion a few years ago for the Rocky Horror Night we had there. Unfortunately I am nowhere near as thin as I was last time i wore my basque and shorts so I opted for some larger shorts to cover some of the bumpy bits!!

It was an amazing show. The audience got right into it and there was a lot of heckling from the crowd which is common place at the stage show apparently. Danny Barker was the narrator and a fine job he did too. He gave as good as he got too!! Unfortunately there wasn't as much dancing as I was hoping for but we still got to do the Time Warp twice!

Keep on Running....

This year marks the ten year anniversary of my Nan's death as a result of cancer. Therefore I decided this year would be a good year to do something for a cancer charity. So on the 15th July I will be donning my shorts and vest top, my running number 500 and taking part in Cancer Research's Race for Life in Blackheath.

I have begun preparations by investing in some new sporting clothing and some running gear in order to motivate myself and look professional on the treadmill in the gym.

I aim to raise a minimum of £150 but I am hoping that I raise a lot more than that! Therefore, please could you click here and sponsor me any amount of money that you can!! Its all for a good cause!!

Sweet Like Chocolate...

The sweet things detox ended on the 1st of March and I commemorated the occasion by going to the local Co-op and buying a large Nougat bar and a Cadbury's Creme Egg. It felt good to eat sweets again. Or at least it did until Friday when I couldn't concentrate on my revision, I felt continually hungry (having only eaten when I was hungry on the previous days), and no amount of food could quell my cravings for something sweet. Not what I was expecting therefore I am now cutting down on sweet things permanently.

Having said that, it does help towards my next monthly task - to lose at least 1kg in weight. On the gym on Monday I weighed myself as 66.8kg therefore by the first of April I aim to be around 65.8kg or lighter. I was going to measure around my waist and hips to see how many inches I lose but I only have a metal tape measure and it doesn't fit round very easily!

Hopefully now that my exams are nearly over I can make a few more trips to the gym!

I've got a lovely combine harvester....

Progress on the allotment has been a bit slow recently as I have been tied up with college work and PM has not been feeling too well the last couple of weekends. But we have sown some seeds and PM has divided up the allotment so we know what is going where.

We have also given over a chunk of our allotment to our friend from work Macro Mark. He has been working on getting his section ready in order to sow some seeds later this month.

He and the Pocket Monster have also managed to find a shed and will be sorting that out in the coming weeks so keep watching this space for photos!!

School's out....

My recent exam hell is almost over. 3 down, 1 to go! Only Advocacy to go. I can't to move on to my elective modules as they should be a breeze in comparison to the rest of the course - Media and Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property and Commercial Law. I have been reading though the first module for Media and I already know most of it and the next module in on one half of my company! Looking forward to that! For now, though the front room has been reclaimed from the books and looks relatively normal again!

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot...

On Sunday, Me and PM travelled up to High Wycombe to see London Wasps v Bristol Rovers in the Rugby Guinness Premiership. We decided to get the train rather than drive.

A friend of PM's had complimentary tickets which he couldn't take advantage of so we had to head to the Belle Vue pub first to collect the tickets. A very nice pub indeed. We wasted some cash in the games machine (Bullseye is so addictive!) and had a swift pint before heading back to the station to get the free bus to the ground.

It was raining hard all day so we were quite soggy when we got on the bus despite the umbrella.

The game itself was a white wash, 28 - 0 to Wasps. It was entertaining enough and it was weird hearing 'Papa's got a brand new bag' and 'Hey Baby' (DJ Otis version) when they scored penalties/conversions and tries respectively.

They also have a cute mascot called Mr Sting.

We've gotta get out of this place...

Yesterday I had my works annual conference. Usually it is an event I look forward too with the highlights from the past two years being performances from The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and last years brilliant performance from Mr Bill Bailey. However, this year was to be a great disappointment.

After a somewhat bland conference, we were subjected to Sandi Thom, famous for singing a song about punk rockers with flowers in their hair (I am sorry but I don't know any punk rockers who wear flowers in their hair).

On the bright side, after being subjected to her for half an hour, we were treated to a 'secret' gig in the basement of our head office at the end of the day by Ghetto Santa. They consist of two guys from our office and two from the head office. They can only be described as Spinal Tap meets GLC. And they rock!! Here are some choice photos of the guys performing:
Its a long one I know but hopefully the photos kept you entertained!!


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