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Hi all

I'm gutted!! I failed my monthly task this month! Last night at the gym I weighed in at 66.6kg. Gutted! Only 0.2kgs lost in a whole month.

However, on the upside, I am more toned and certainly have more muscle in some places some of the non weight loss could be accountable to that. I plan on carrying on the task this month as I don't like the idea of being beaten by the scales in the gym.

Reasons why I think I failed? 1. My boss is a bad influence 2. There have been lots of cakes floating around at work due to numerous birthdays and leaving dos 3. Having gone cold turkey last month on the sweet stuff I have definitely been over indulging! 4. I haven't got to the gym as much as I would have liked 5. Clearly my will power sucks!

But onwards. After this weekend which will be pure indulgence (its Easter and I already have one large chocolate egg given to me by our director plus its my birthday and there is no way I am giving up on cake before then!) I aim to get my bum down the gym a little more often, check out some low fat recipes, eat more fruit (for some reason my fruit intake has gone down recently) and drink more water (gone have the days of herbal tea so I think its time to relive them!).

Well that's the plan anyway!


  1. Maybe it has something to do with all the chocolate you've been eating and all the exercise you haven't been doing!


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