I want to ride my bicycle!

Last week I started riding my bike to work. Its hard work on the way to the office as everything is up hill. Its nice on the way home though!

Anyway, I was really looking forward to cycling in the lovely warm weather we had been encountering. I picked the bike up on Saturday and after a short ride to Halfords on Sunday to get a few essentials (including mud-guards. I never wanted them on my bike when I was a kid and took them off the road bike I had! Now I couldn't imagine riding without them!) it hasn't stopped raining!

Bank holiday Monday the heavens opened! Great for the allotment (well most of it. Some of the dwarf bean plants PM and Mark planted broke as a result of the incredibly heavy rain!). And has it stopped raining since? NO!! But I have been lucky. On the three days that I have cycled in so far I have managed to avoid the rain and just watch it from my office window. I somehow doubt I will be lucky for the rest of the week!


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