Monthly Task Update

Hi all

Just a quick update on my monthly tasks. I managed to shed the weight this month. It wasn't easy though. I have been living on a diet of salads for lunch and only eating small meals in the evening (or not at all if I wasn't hungry). I have also been gyming it a lot recently. This is not just to achieve my goal of losing weight but also to get into training for the Race for Life. If you haven't sponsored me yet, you can sponsor me here.

The training in going well and I can run for about 1 mile at the moment. Hopefully by July I shall easily be able to run the 3 and a bit miles.

This weekend I will be picking up my bike from my mum's and start cycling to work (and possibly college for the remaining two weekends that I am there) in order to keep my fitness levels up.

Back to the tasks, I am starting May's one a little late. This is because when I get paid on the 15th I will go a month without buying luxuries. This includes things like CDs, clothes, and anything that is not essential to my everyday existence. It might seem easy but I am a nightmare when it come to shopping and clothes are a weakness of mine!

I'll let you all know in due course how I get on.


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