I made the mistake of joining Facebook!

Hi all

Sorry it has been quiet on the blog front recently. I signed up to Facebook a few weeks ago and have been consumed by it. I have found so many old friend on there and been adding photos etc that I have been neglecting this site. But I am back now and there is loads to update you on. (on the other hand, if you haven't got a facebook account yet - sign up! Its brilliant!).

Firstly the allotment is in full bloom thanks to the recent rain. We have had a few red onions from it now, Jamaican spinach, garlic and loads of new potatoes! Unfortunately it has got to the point now where it could do with some sun as some of the plants have started to rot. Hopefully though looking at the forecast for the next few days, it will soon get the much needed sun it needs!

I did manage to make it through my last monthly task of no luxuries. I haven't embarked on another task as yet. I am not sure what to do. Any ideas will be greatly received.

I have been carrying on with the cycling to work thing. I went out the other week and bought some bright fluorescent yellow jackets so people will notice me more (I got fed up with people walking out in front of me - all I need now is some kind of horn/bell). I have been going to the gym a lot more regularly now that my legal course has finally finished. I have taken up Body Combat again which is more tiring than I remember! I am looking at some of the dance fitness classes and Tai Chi as going to the gym all the time can become quite boring after a while.

Like I said above, the LPC is finally over and I am just biting my nails between now and the 27th July 2007 when my results come out. There is only one exam I am really worried about. Hopefully everything will be ok though!

Other than that, the past few weeks have involved reading fiction novels again, sitting around and relaxing as there is no study to do, watching the pocket monster play cricket, and generally going out and having a social life again.

Ok, its been a bit of a boring update but hopefully I will have more to talk about after the Race for Life on Sunday (15th July 2007). If you haven't sponsored me already, please click here to access my sponsorship page.


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