A week in the life of....ME!

It’s easier to talk about the whole week than start to add lots of little posts about the week.

Last weekend me and the Pocket Monster headed to the much anticipated Phiri and Wilson BBQ. Stocked up with meat, fine ales and more cider than is possible to consume in one sitting, we jumped on the bus and headed down to Brixton. Upon arrival in Brixton, we were greeted to an art festival taking place in the streets adjacent to Maz and Mark’s place. Hundreds of paintings and photos lined the railings of the streets. It made for quite a surreal image.

Once inside Maz and Mark’s we headed out to the garden to the BBQ. The gas BBQ was hard at work. Within minutes of us arriving out in the garden, the heavens opened. Instead of fleeing to the kitchen, we each took out a brolly (a big golf one for Maz and the BBQ) and it true British spirit carried on with the japery and sipping Pimms.

Eventually the fourth or fifth rain shower got a bit too much for me as it was penetrating my converse and making my feet soggy so I headed into the living room. The fun continued inside with an impromptu dance off between some of the guests. It had everyone in stitches. I have got videos and they will be up on Facebook before long.

PM was feeling the effects of the alcohol he had consumed around 10.30pm so we headed home despite my best efforts to get him to stay.

Sunday was pretty uneventful but I was bemused by a girl in the gym on the stepper wearing sunglasses. I couldn’t tell if she had a massive hangover, had an eye problem that required it or if it was indeed the height of pretentiousness. After all I was in South Wimbledon.

On Tuesday, myself, PM and some of the guys from work signed up for the Cancer Research 10k run at Leeds Castle in October. We have decided to call the team the Streatham Slo’-Mo’ Mo’-Fo’s. If you want to sponsor us click here.

Wednesday I went to Body Pump as I couldn’t make Body Combat on Thursday. It was the same teacher but I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. After various squatting, lunge and bench pressing moves, all my muscles were shaking. I thought Body Combat was hard but it is a walk in the park compared to Body Pump. I hurt for days after!

Thursday was brilliant! First, I had to head over to Sugar Reef in Central London with one of my colleagues to check it out as a venue for our Christmas party. We were greeted with a glass of champagne, followed by another. We headed down to the bar area to mull over the information we had been provided with when we were given a free bottle of champagne between us. Out of courtesy we finished it off despite the fact that neither of us were big fans of champagne.

After we headed to the Loop bar for Rockstar Karaoke. There we hooked up with most of the rest of our department. I am not normally a big fan of karaoke (mainly because the one and only time I did it I was booed off) but this was great. Having a band playing instead of background music made the whole evening a lot more entertaining. Again the videos will be up on Facebook.

The boys did us proud with Tom doing his rendition of Living on a prayer by Bon Jovi whilst Michael and Matt did their version of Girls Aloud’s Love Machine. Later on in the evening and annoyingly after my camera died, Neil, Gavin and Kirsty, three of the Scottish contingent in our office did their rendition of the Proclamiers 500 Miles. PM was also seen bouncing around on the stage with them.

A few vodkas and bottles of wine later, everyone was on the stage to sing the finale, Hey Jude. Some actually had to get off the stage as they were worried it was going to collapse! Soon after around midnight we headed to the station as our last train was at 12.42am and as PM had his bike, the last thing he wanted to do was cycle.

Friday was hellish! I had the hangover from HELL!! After a shower, a berocca, and some attempts to be sick, I managed to haul myself onto my bike and cycle to work. The cycle actually made me feel better but that was short lived as I got into our stuffy office. It then dawned on me as I turned my computer on that it was results day for the LPC and at 12pm I would know whether or not I would be trying to figure out how to get back from Spain to do my resits.

A veggie sausage sandwich, a can of coke and a packet of skittles managed to perk me up enough to do some work to keep my mind of the minutes ticking away on my computer. Slowly but surely, 12pm came and went and the results were not up on the intranet. Around 12.05pm the link flashed up and with baited breath I clicked on the link and scrolled down to my candidate number. I looked across and I had PASSED!! I jumped up and danced a little bit by my desk before running off to tell everyone. I felt a sense of relief for the rest of the day.

In the evening I headed down into to Dartford to celebrate with Sacha and Louise in Crush. I had a great night out and felt I celebrated my results even if I was drinking Cranberry Juice all night as the hangover still hadn’t quite subsided!

It’s nice to see that a night out in Dartford has not changed in the 8 years since the last time I went out there with the girls. Apart from the fact the fashion trends among the men hasn’t changed (still the smart shorts, Gucci loafers, polo t-shirts and v-neck sleeveless jumpers), even the music was the same. But that wasn’t such a bad thing. It almost felt like everything had come full circle from the nights I went out during my gap year before the start of my university course to Friday when I got my LPC results and what I have been working to the last few years was finally over. I enjoyed reminiscing dancing away to the garage anthems which dominated my gap year and the nights out in Zen’s (now called Air) with my friend Amy.


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