House hunting is more fun now but Job Hunting isn't.

In order not to put the kiss of death on our house hunting, I am not going to say much at the moment, only that we have found a place and we are currently sorting out the mortgage, survey and local land searches with the solicitor. Hopefully if all goes well and we exchange contracts in the near future, I will update more.

So with a prospective house move on the horizon, I am trying to find a legal job (preferably with a nice pay rise) to boost the household income (and allowing me to pay my debts off quicker so I have more money invest in the house). But as I have found every time I start looking for legal work, it is not the easiest of places to move into.

Firstly, I am looking for paralegal work. Every agency I apply to comes back with the same line about not having relevant experience. Very frustrating and you have to wonder how people get experience. So this leaves me with the option of applying directly to solicitors but with so many firms out there and only a handful interested in hiring someone with crap a-levels and the potential to bugger off when a training contract comes along, this has not been very successful thus far. In fact, I don't think a single firm I have applied to to date has even sent me a thanks but no thanks email.

Secondly, I am looking at the training contract aspect of things. Problems there boil down to a-levels (or UCAS points to be more precise). I have devised a spreadsheet listing all the firm in London that specialise in Music and Media and have been systematically cutting the list down when I look at the firms 'what we are looking for' section on their website. Sadly none so far have said 'someone who will be bloody good at the job, has great industry knowledge and can show they have excelled in their current position'. But I still have a few more to plough through so hopefully there are more than just 3 I can apply to.

And lastly I am looking for legal jobs in music industry. Legal and Business affairs position are catching my eye but this side of Christmas jobs are thin on the ground. I think this week is the only week all year there hasn't been any vacancies on our notice board at work so clearly the job market is slowing down for the Christmas break.

I will continue to plug away, in between filling out mortgage forms/insurance forms/forms I have no idea what they are for. If anyone has any idea as to what I can do to boost my chances, let me know!


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