Money Saving the Urban Fox Way

As I now have a mortgage to think about, a few credit card debts, and a graduate loan to pay off, I decided to make sure I get as much cleared as possible before hopefully moving next year.

Luckily for me all my credit card debts are on 0% cards and my graduate loan is on a low interest too (plus there is no penalty for paying it off early). So by using advice from, I have been looking at ways to not only save money, but also make some money too.

On the Money Making front, I have been doing the following:

Selling items on eBay
Signing up to millions of online surveys that you get paid for
Checking out cashback sites for future house shopping and for financial products (very useful as we need to get life insurance and buildings and contents insurance)
Looking into getting paid for 'clicks' (clicking on adverts and getting vouchers)

On the Money Saving front, I have been doing the following:

Making soup for work (total cost for me and PM to eat for best part of a week about £1.75 for the soup and £1 for bread)
Making jelly with fruit (to replace yoghurts for my after lunch sweet snack at work at a cost of 50p for 3-4 days worth of fruity jelly)
Using up the contents of the fridge, freezer and cupboard
Meal planning
Cycling to the shops instead of driving
Reduced my Orange bill by getting rid of a package I don't use and getting my bills online
Drinking coke when out instead of alcohol
Learning to Knit
Learning to use a sewing machine
Looking into making some Christmas presents and cards instead of buying

So far its not really made a dent into my debts but this month I have managed to not spend a penny on my credit card!

The plan is, next month to hopefully clear at least £200 off one of my credit cards and clear the whole thing by the time the interest free period runs out in January and use as little of my savings as possible.


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