Christmas Greetings from Bonnie Scotland

Greetings from the Outer Hebrides. Its been a mixed bag weather wise up here. We have had brilliant sunshine, gale force winds, hail, rain, sleet, and the occasional calm. I am very thankful for hanging onto my snowboarding jacket. It has kept me warm and dry whilst out on walks as have my snowboarding gloves and the scart and hat my mum knitted for me for Christmas as shown below:

We haven't done too much since arriving. Gone to the local beaches a lot (very different from last year and far more clothes needed!), taken in the local sites, and generally just chilled out and relaxed. Here are a few select snaps. I will upload as many as possible to facebook and my ringo page as soon as I can.

The beach at Eriskay.

Shaun the sheep and friends on the cliff in Eriskay.

Rainbows at Tobha Mor (Howmore).

Pocket Monster and his new found friend.

The rolling hills along the east coast of South Uist.


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