The First Weekend

This weekend marked the start of our small gauntlet to renovate the house we have bought. The biggest problem is the hole in the floor in the kitchen where a leak has cause the floor to disintegrate. We are still waiting on quotes for the work so we went about starting on the rest of the house.

So we started removing everything that was in the walls that were unwanted so we could polyfill and sand down to paint.

On Saturday the painting began whilst Gray and his mate Joe set about installing our new heating system. Although I am only supervising in this picture, I did do a lot a painting as my paint splattered clothes and boots show.

Once the old boiler and the old pipes were removed, PM and Neil set about knocking out the space wasting cupboard in order to open the room out.

Even though it is only the first coats of paint, it is already starting to make a huge difference to the once tobacco stained walls.


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