Happy New Year!

Happy new year all from www.urban-fox.co.uk! New year and new web address. I was hoping to have a new look website but I haven't yet cracked web design so that is probably going to take a little while longer!

I also do not have any great photo from new years eve as PM's camera decided to break upon arrival at Gav's house. A few others were taking pictures so hopefully I can post some once I get them sent to me. Its a shame as PM was looking very dashing in his original 70's shirt and suit while I opted for a dress loaned to me kindly by Maz's friend Sarah.

So, what is instore for 2008?

Well, we are officially moving having now exchanged on our house and due to complete on the 3rd. Therefore there will be a lot of DIY, shopping in the sales at B&Q and Homebase, checking out of colour schemes and general hard work.

This year I also intend on making a big dent in my debts. I am going to enjoy doing all the work to the house the money saving way. Hopefully we can do a great job without breaking the bank.

Also, January 3rd will start the 2008 January detox. This year in addition to giving up alcohol, I will be giving up sweet things, fatty things and anything that can be bad for me. The Christmas excess is definitely noticeable and all my good work pre-Christmas has been obliterated. PM's family got me into soya milk whilst away in Scotland so I will be switching on the 3rd to see if it makes a massive difference to my health/weight.

I hope everyone had a brilliant new years eve whatever you were doing and I wish you all the best for 2008!


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