The Internet Wilderness

Hi all

Me and PM have been confined to the internet wilderness while we wait for Orange and BT to get their act together and connect us back to the world wide web. I thought I would do a quick update on things so you know how we are getting on.

The House

Well there is a lot of activity going on at the moment despite the house kitty looking a little short at the moment. The ceilings have now been skimmed upstairs and have now dried enough to be painted; all the door frames have been sanded and are ready to paint; all the doors have been removed and need a quick clean and will then be ready to paint; we have an electrician coming next week to increase the number of plug sockets upstairs, change the light fittings and wire up the new bathroom extractor fan; the stairs have had all the pointless staples removed and will be cleaned when the painting has finished; the garden has been cleared of all annoying creeping plants and now looks a lot bigger; the garage has been cleared of rubbish and we are now working on getting the door fixed so I can park the car in there; and lastly, the old tumble drier in the kitchen has been taken away. Oh and we have actually moved in.

Money Saving

Ok admitted I didn't save as much as I wanted to over Christmas, however I have now cleared a credit card and only have two more to go. Only downside is the fact my car needs a new clutch and I have had to get new glasses (I have to wear them more often so I opted for some that look good rather than cheap nasty ones that are purely for work). Fingers crossed though things will be better once I have had a chance to start selling items on eBay again. I also made some money this month by selling some books at work. Might see if I can sell some more from my collection.

Healthy Living

After a month off from the gym due to moving and being away for Christmas and New Year, I was not looking forward to getting on the scales at the gym but I was pleasantly surprised when I got on and it said 64.8kg. I haven't been in the 64 bracket for well over 2 years. I am pretty chuffed with that. Most of it I would put down to being skint, the rest down to the fact that rather than coming home and sitting down in front of the tv in the evenings, I have been coming home and sanding, cleaning, painting or whatever else has needed doing. Therefore I conclude DIY makes you skinnier. My only other conclusion is that now I have moved, I have less time to snack at home and I do not keep a stock of snacks in my car.

Also on the healthy living front, this years detox is going well. I have been off the alcohol since the 3rd January and apart from an innocent sip (I blame Miss Claire White entirely as she swapped my diet coke with her vodka and coke when I wasn't looking) its going well. Having said that, this year has been the first when I have really wanted to drink. A lot of this I feel is down to the DIY work. Last weekend after a dozen trips to the tip, cleaning, sanding etc, myself and PM were certainly craving a nice cold beer. But we will make it to the end. Not that long to go now.


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