Transport Nightmares

This morning my attempts to get to work were thwarted at every corner. The closure of the Blackwall Tunnel meant the whole of Woolwich was littered with cars including down all the back streets.

After taking 20 minutes to travel a 5 minutes walk distance, I decided to abandon getting to work by car and opt for the train. It took a further 25 minutes to get back home but eventually I did and then set off for the train station.

Thankfully the train was on time but upon arrival at London Bridge the announcer informed everyone that trains were suspended between London Bridge and Peckham Rye and that there were problems at Tulse Hill - all on the route to Streatham. The other option (travelling the long way round to Streatham Hill) was over a 30 minute wait so I opted to wait a while and indulge in a cup of tea and cookie from Millies Cookies. Eventually they re-opened the line and I travelled down to Streatham.

I initially left the house at 7.30am this morning. I arrived at work at 10am. Two and a half hours to do 13 miles is a nightmare!!


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