Making a House a Home!

Friday the 7th March was a land mark day in our house renovation - the carpets in the upstairs finally went down!!

Its taken just over two months but we finally finished painting and had the carpet fitters in. We now have a proper bedroom as opposed to this:

The make shift bedroom is no more. We now have a bed and curtains (photos to follow soon).

So here are a few before and after shots followed by some other 'After' photos. There are still a few finishing touches to make such as fitting the new light fittings into the ceiling, re-attaching all the doors, and a few touch ups. But the bedrooms and the hall are now pretty much done!

Our Bedroom before and after.

The front bedroom.

Where the space wasting cupboard once was.

And a few select others:

The Front Bedroom looking out onto the hall.

The Hall looking into our bedroom.


  1. House is looking wicked Carys!! Love the colours. Keep up the hard work. It will all be worth it in the end!


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