BUPA 10000

Today me and PM ran the BUPA 10000 in the soaking wet rain. Not exactly ideal running conditions but for some reason it seemed to lift everyone's spirits.

Annoyingly for me I was stuck into the 'slow' runners catagory which I was not best pleased at and it meant I was continually held up behind slow runners and those who thought they could run and started walking within 1KM.

PM sneakily went into the 'Fast' lane and managed to get off to a great start.

All in all, it was hard due to the weather but despite the fact I have trained less this time due to continuing back trouble, I still managed to shave 2 mins off my personal best. I was really hoping to finish in under 1hour but 1hour 4 mins is good enough for me!

Thanks for all the nice messages and support and thanks to everyone who sponsored us. If you want to donate a pound or two, you can here.

We are still waiting for the 5KM splits. I'm interested to know how I got on at that point. I am really hoping that I can do the Race for Life this year in under 5KM. The training restarts on Wednesday!


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