P for Party!

A very successful 27th Birthday Bash at the Lyceum and the After School Club at the LSUSU. Here is a selection of the outfits from the night - everyone did well to come as something beginning with the letter P. I'm gutted that I didn't quite managed to get everyone - sorry. If you have got photos, let me know!

Pancho Villa.

Pebbles from the Flintstones and a Party Pooper (Steve didn't dress up so we decided he was a party pooper).

A Present!

A Pirate.

Harry Potter after Puberty.

A Plastic Surgeon.

A Penguin.

A Punk.

A Posh Toff and a Porn Star.

Um...Mexican Penguin?

And last but not least - Party Pooper number 2 and me as a Punk. I did try very hard to have a Mohawk for the night but after half a tub of hair wax and a lot of hairspray sadly it wasn't happening (Sarah has got photos though of it before it collapsed).


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