Best of You

"Welcome to the greatest day of my whole entire life" said an emotional Dave Grohl before closing song Best of You.

And welcome all to my account of the best gig of my entire life!

As a devoted Muse fan I never thought anyone could deliver me a better gig. But how wrong I was. I love the Muse boys and their spectacular live shows but the Foo Fighters really pulled out all the stops.

The set list was amazing. All the classics you would expect at a Foo's gig including my personal favourite 'My Hero' sung in a beautiful acoustic manner before ending in blistering rock euphoria, along with an acoustic trio where the stage revolved to perform to everyone in the stadium face on. It even included a 20 second triangle solo from percussionist Drew (seriously - proper old school triangle like you played at school) which was amazing!

Not content with the 86,000 back up singers in the crowd and extra musicians on stage, for the encore Dave Grohl invited out on stage no other than Jimmy Paige and John Paul Jones of the mighty Led Zepplin for a rendition of 'Rock n Roll' with Taylor Hawkins on vocals while Dave took over on the drums, followed by Dave taking over vocal duties for 'Ramble On'.

After the disappointment of failing to get tickets for Led Zepplin's gig at the O2 last year, this went part way to making up for it. Both Paige and Jones truly looked to be revelling in the sheer hysteria that they had created by appearing on stage with the Foo Fighters. I can only hope that last nights performance gives them the bug to get back out there and perform again this time with Robert Plant and Jason Bonham to perform what can be the only gig that could top this one!

Fingers crossed!!

And last but not least - thank you to Andy W who provided me and mum with our tickets for last night!! I would be kicking myself if you hadn't had spare tickets!


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