Has it really been over a month?!

I have just realised that I haven't updated the blog in over a month! July has been VERY, VERY busy and suddenly its August!!
So why have I been so quiet?

First and foremost, I was preparing and taking part in this years Race for Life. After failing to complete the BUPA 10000 in less than an hour, I was determined to complete this 5KM in under half an hour. And not only did I manage under half an hour, I smashed a whopping 7 minutes off my time from last year. 27.33. I was very pleased!

I started working on redecorating the kitchen (a side effect of becoming a cricket widow on Saturdays!). I thought it would be a pretty straight forward task. I was very wrong. To start with I set about cleaning down the walls. Despite cleaning everything when we moved in I clearly missed the top of the cupboards which were disgusting. Below is a picture of a clean side and a very dirty side.

The walls required a lot of polyfilling especially where there once were tiles and this in turn meant a lot of sanding. However I am determined to get it finished in time for the House Warming in August.

Apart from that, a lot of time recently has been spent down at the allotment. This year myself and Mark are looking after the allotment as Luke is hardly ever in Streatham now. But we are not doing a bad job. At the moment we have butternut squash, sweetcorn, potatoes, tomatoes, dwarf beans, runner beans, peas, parsnips and red onions growing (and really well this year). The mixture of very sunny weather and very wet weather has really benefited the allotment. I haven't got any pictures as yet as I keep forgetting to take my camera with me when I go to do the weeding!

In addition to all this, I have also been using my new toy! Through the Cycle to Work Scheme at work I have purchased a very fast road racer bike.

The intention was to cycle to North Greenwich and get the tube but me being me, I decided to see how long it would take me to cycle all the way to work. After all its only 12 miles! At present it takes me 1hr 30mins to drive (45mins to 1hr when the kids are off) and 1hr 30 to 2hrs on the tube (depending on traffic getting the bus to North Greenwich). To cycle it takes 1hr 10mins. So it is quicker than both the car and public transport. And its FREE! I'm not planning on cycling every day but even if I cycle in 2 days a week, not only will I be saving a fortune, I will also be adding to my training for next year (more to follow on this once everything has been arranged).


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