How to transform your kitchen for under £125

As stated in my previous post, on Saturdays I have been working on our kitchen. I am very pleased with the results. So I will let you into how I transformed my kitchen from this:

To this for under £125:

At the moment we haven't got the cash to completely rip the kitchen out so in the meantime I opted to give the kitchen a face lift in order to make it look fresher and cleaner. To do it I bought the following:

Dulux Kitchen Paint (White) for the ceiling - £14.99
Wilkinson Kitchen Paint (Moonlight Whte) for the walls - £11.99
Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint (White) - £12.99
Crown Cupboard Makeover Paint (Milk White) - £11.99
Vinyl Sticky back Plastic (Black Granite effect) - 2 x £9.99
MDF Board (for boxing in water pipes) - £4.99
Pine Board (for boxing in water pipes) - £1.78
Vinyl flooring - £5.99 per Sqm total cost £44

Total Cost - £122.71

There are a few more little jobs that need doing such as boxing in the remaining water pipes, replacing the skirting board and replacing the light fitting but this should bring the total cost under £150 which is cheap for what to me feels and looks like a new kitchen!

We had to take out the cupboard in the corner in order to fit our fridge freezer in. I took the tiles off the wall and sanded the wall down.

Rather than spend a lot of money on new cupboard doors, new tiles and new surfaces, I revamped the existing ones by panting the cupboard doors with some cupboard paint, painting the tiles with tile paint and covering the existing sides with some vinyl sticky back plastic. At our house warming at the weekend, many people thought the sides were granite rather than covered sides so this is definitely something to revamp a side for very low cost but if you like me have big sides, its very hard to do without getting at air bubble or a crease that just won't come out.

For the floor, we only wanted to get something cheap as eventually we will be changing the layout of the kitchen. We tried Carpet Right and B&Q but their vinyl flooring was expensive for the amount we needed. So in true thrifty fashion, we scouted the Internet and found a little shop in Gravesend on eBay selling flooring for £5.99 per sqm which meant we got the flooring for £44 instead of £71. We opted for black tile effect as we felt this would complement the white walls and cupboards. Again at the house party, initially a lot of people thought we had a proper tile floor!

So, if you have a tight budget at the moment, need to revamp a kitchen before selling a house or just fancy a change without having to spend a small fortune, you can transform your kitchen for very little by doing the following:

1. If the tiles you have are decent, rather than replace them, give them a coat of paint to brighten them up or change the colour.
2. If your cupboards are sound and not falling apart, rather than buy new units, give the old ones a new lease of life by painting them.
3. Many DIY shops stock vinyl sticky back plastic that you can use to cover old sides so rather than replace your existing one, cheaply cover the one you have to give it a completely new look.
4. Shop around for your flooring. The offers available at various shops might not be that great if they only have then in one width. Smaller independent shops tend to stock more varieties of width therefore you have more chance of getting something that will fit your kitchen for a better price.


  1. Carys, this looks wicked! Can't believe you did this so cheaply! Well done. It was definitely worth all your hard work. x

  2. i see a lot of beers!! why havent i been invited over to ur lovely home filled with cans of beers? *grin* haha


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