Mr and Mrs Flt. Lt. Ian Hamilton

On a cold and wet 1st November in High Wycombe, myself and PM headed to our third wedding of the year. This time Hammy and Bryony.

Maid of Honour Carla and fiance Neil will be one of the two weddings we have lined up for next year.

It was a wonderful day. As Hammy is a Flight Lieutenant in the RAF, the reception was held at the Officers Mess at RAF High Wycombe. It was a grand setting for the reception and we also had the benefit of mess prices at the bar. Two double rum and cokes for the extortionate price of £2.66!


  1. I served with Hammy in Afghanistan. Do you know his email or something in order for me to get in contact with him?

    Andrew Molina
    Sgt USMC


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