Yesterday I attended the ATEI (Amusement Trade Exhibition International) exhibition at Earl's Court to see some of my jukebox licensees.

It was a bizarre spectacle with thousands of arcade games being trialed for free by mainly grown men in suits although I did see a couple of kids wandering around (bizarrely also wearing suits). The ground floor was given over to the casino style games and gambling machines. The ground floor certainly seemed to host far more scantily clad promo girls that the arcade game floor.

After meeting with a couple of licensees we tried out some of the games (got to love free plays!). I played Shanghai on one of the touch screen machines so long that the guy at the stall thought I was interested in it for my 'business'.

Of the arcade games we played Fast and the Furious which harked back to my school days when we would go to little amusement arcade to play Sega Rally. I felt the game took too long to get going as you had to customise your car.

But we saved the best til last and played Guitar Hero Arcade version! It was great but we were awful. We didn't manage to finish a single song including Knights of Cydonia much to my disappointment.


  1. I was there today and visitors seemed a little thin on the ground (altho granted I didn't get there 'til late).

  2. I haven't been before so I wasn't sure if it was busy or not. There didn't appear to be long queues for the games (although more people appeared to be waiting for Guitar Hero than any of the other games).


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