Challenge Update

Thought it was about time I updated how the challenges are going.

January Detox
18 days into the detox now and not a drop of alcohol has passed my lips. Only another 13 days to go!

Sweet Stuff Detox
I started this last Monday (12th January) as I had paid for the yoga weekend and given that the desserts are delicious it seemed daft to try and start beforehand.So only one week in and I am finding it so hard! I did manage to turn down some Chocolate gateaux on Friday but it was hard. I am certainly craving sweet stuff. Hopefully this will be short lived. I am still determined to make the 3 month mark.

Weight Challenge
On the plus side my weight last Monday at the gym was 64.6kg marking a loss of 2.4kg since the beginning of January. A great start! I haven't really changed anything in terms of serious dieting. I am still enjoying pizza and cheese on toast but when snacking I am eating fruit, I have cut my portion sizes down and if I am not hungry, I am not eating. Seems to be working so far.

Debt Challenge
I haven't really made any serious indentations into my debt at the moment. Instead I have been moving debts around to take advantage of interest free deals and planning out what debts need to be paid and when. In addition to this I have been looking at ways of saving money and I have finally got round to listing some stuff on eBay. So far I have made £30. Its a good start!

Blog Updating
This will be post number 12 so far for January so at the moment I am not doing to bad.

The List
So far this month I have seen a play and been to two gigs. I am hoping to pop to a museum/gallery/place of interest by the end of the month. I have my eye on an exhibition but if that fails I am sure there is somewhere else I can find to go for this month.


  1. Re your detox: Don't worry my lovely daughter, alcoholic beverage produces have felt happier now they know I'm downing your share here in Oz! Haven't come across and 'real' ale alas but the draught Old Speckled Hen they serve at the Pig 'n Whistle at the top of the Dandenongs here isn't bad - especially when temeratures that reached 41C earlier helped myself (and others!) work up a thirst!


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