Challenge Update

The weight loss challenge is going much better than I anticipated at this stage. My weight is holding steady at the moment at 64.4kg but the biggest difference I am finding is in my clothes. A pair of jeans that I bought in the January sales which were snug when I bought them are not quite big on me. I don't think I am on my way to buying a size 10 just yet but its something that I might need to consider sooner rather than later.

So this leaves me a little bit of a dilemma as the plan at the moment is to save money, not spend it. But like all crafty foxes I have a plan! In the past couple of weeks I have made £150 selling some old bits and bobs on eBay. Therefore the plan is to to sell some old clothes in order to buy some new ones thus not effecting the Debt Challenge.

The Debt Challenge is going ok although I made the stupid mistake of paying money off the wrong card! I am currently ringing around the various banks to try and get the money transferred back which I have been assured should not be a problem.

The Alcohol Detox comes to an end on the 2nd of February. I have been surprised at how quickly it has gone and that I haven't actually missed it that much. I am interested to see if the absence of alcohol is the main contributing factor to my weight loss. Or if it is in fact the absence of sweet stuff.

The Sweet Stuff detox is really hard. This week at work there have been sweets, cakes, and biscuits everyday! I have said no to them but its hard. I am craving sugar in a way I didn't think I would. So I have been looking at alternatives.

First off I have been looking at savory snacks. Holland and Barrett do some very reasonably priced snacks including salted pretzels which I love. But it doesn't replace the sweet cravings.

I remembered last night meeting a company at the Innocent Village Fete who specialised in guilt free snacks, both sweet and savory. Conscious Food imports healthy snacks from India that are wheat, dairy and gluten free. And they taste amazing!! So in next months food budget I am going to buy their sweet and savory multipack to keep me going for a while!


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