Girls Night In Number 1

What with there being this thing called a credit crunch and people dreading many words beginning with 'r', the girls and I have set up a series of girls nights in to provide many cheap nights of socialising, eating and drinking.

Last night was the first of the planned nights at Louise's in Orpington. Louise had put on a fantastic spread of spring rolls, crisps, pizza and a very large chocolate gateau which I passed on due to the sweet detox (and I have to admit it was very hard watching everyone else tucking in to a Sara Lee special).

After a fair few bottles of wine were polished off by the girls while those of us who were not drinking ploughed through the diet pepsi, we moved through to the living room to watch Girls Aloud's Fascination Tour DVD (yes, you are reading right - Girls Aloud).

A few of the girls are off to see Girls Aloud later this year so wanted to get an idea of what to expect. In my opinion they can expect lots of skimpy outfits, lots of pouting, lots of semi-naked men dancing, lots of covers (and I was of the opinion Girls Aloud had a relatively extensive repertoire), and lots of costume changes. But I am sure they will have a brilliant time.


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