Is this really England?

This weekend Mum, Tadders and I headed off to the Duncton Mill Retreat Centre in the South Down for a Yoga and Aromatherapy weekend. Pictures of the weekend activities to come, but what I want to share with you is a spectacle I have not seen in the UK before that made the whole surround countryside look spectacular. The cold snap seen in the past couple of week left everything covered in a thick layer of frost including the trees.

The view from the farm house looking across the pond.

The frost on the trees.

Frosted Holly. Very Christmasy!

This is one of my favourite pictures as the robin was flying around but perched just long enough for me to snap him on this pole. On the bigger picture you can see his red breast more clearly.

This one is slightly out of focus but it makes it look like a painting. I also like the various colours in this one.


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