Something That Resembles a Living Room

Myself and PM have been working hard in the months running up to Christmas and over the Christmas break to finish painting the front room so we could put up some curtains and finally get some flooring down. It took a couple more coats of paint than we had anticipated to cover the tobacco stained walls but we got there eventually and promptly realised we had run out of money. So we have something that resembles a living room in that there are curtains, a dining table, a futon and a TV. It will do for now!

Although I haven't got an 'After' shot looking this way, it shows how bad the walls and ceiling were.

After the windows were installed. Got to love the Fagnolia walls!

And the now shot! Complete with curtains, table which you can just see PM sitting at and behind the hoover is the futon. Its not perfect but it feels more like a living space than a building site!


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